Aii believes that what’s good for tenants is good for investors. The laughter of children around a swimming pool and the prompt resolution of a repair request translate into above-median rents and frequent lease renewals. Our tenants reflect a diverse and expanding U.S. demographic that has come to prefer leasing versus owning a home. We provide homes for workers, millennials, immigrants, students and retirees—all growing segments of the U.S. population, especially in cities offering diverse employment opportunities.

Welcome Home

"It’s quiet! When I call the office number, it’s always answered—even late at night. It’s reasonably priced for the size and area of town. It’s an excellent location, and I’m very satisfied with being a resident here. I will be living here for a while. The place is home."

"I love it here! The management is great and maintenance is great! I have just renewed my lease for the 5th time!"

"A great place to call home."

"I moved in January after the new management took over, and I absolutely LOVE it here. The staff is friendly and helpful. My child can run around and play, and I don’t even have to leave my complex for my child to play on the slide. I put in a work order yesterday, and an hour later they were here fixing my problem. I’m very pleased with my new home."

"Great friendly staff, and a place to call home. Welcome home."

–Website reviews from tenants of Aii properties