About the Founder

Michael Chesser [photo]

Michael Chesser
Founder and President, Apartment Income Investors

During his tenure as a CPA, Michael Chesser cultivated a gift for helping investors. Through careful study and experimentation, he recognized the consistent performance of real estate, offering superior returns compared to other asset classes. Realizing real estate's unique characteristic of encouraging patient, long-term investment over frequent buying, selling, and trading, he observed its capacity for steady income growth, appreciation in asset value, and inherent protection against inflation through price appreciation.

Early in his career, Mr. Chesser gained firsthand experience in how various types of real estate weather downturns. This resulted in a focus on Class B multifamily real estate, with a deep appreciation for its rewarding attributes. This experience instilled a thoughtful approach at Aii, where meticulous consideration is given to the economic profile of a property in anticipation of economic declines. Mr. Chesser's strategic approach prioritizes thorough market analysis and careful planning. His strategy emphasizes the crucial role of insightful data interpretation in generating alpha at the property level, leading to outsized returns.

In 1994, while practicing as a CPA in Beverly Hills, Michael Chesser founded Apartment Income Investors (Aii) with friends and family, marking the commencement of his real estate investing journey. The concept of income growth through strategic capital deployment became a cornerstone of Aii. Vital to the success of these investments are happy tenants. Improving properties results in satisfied tenants, who in turn pay higher rents and renew leases, leading to increased income and enhanced long-term property values for investors.

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