Investment Principles

We prefer a result that's better than our underwriting. We would rather drive by a property we did not buy and wish we had bought it than drive by a property we did buy and wish we had not purchased it.

1. What's good for tenants is good for investors. Transforming properties for the better leads to happy tenants. And happy tenants pay above-median rents and renew their leases, resulting in greater income and higher long-term values for investors.

2. Data analysis must be combined with on-site research. Properties compete locally. We combine statistical analysis with on-site property review to build a Features, Advantages & Benefits report detailing the competitive advantages of every property. We encourage our property managers to visit competing properties to experience directly sources of differentiation that will support the sales process.

3. Risk can be managed through conservative, well-defined acquisition criteria, portfolio diversification and using only moderate leverage. By sticking to our acquisition criteria, we can consistently buy the right properties at the right price.

Investment Process