Market Volatility and Interest Rates

Moorpark, California | April 3, 2023

Recent activity in the financial markets has been alarming for most investors and investment managers. The Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, concerns for banks and asset values have caused a crisis of capital and equity, and the shifting demand for office space has (and will continue to) cause a shift in asset values and contribute to some high-profile defaults and foreclosures. And these traumatic financial events are on the heels of a years-long pandemic and related business disruptions.

Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and other business publications have highlighted challenges to landlords and real estate assets. We believe the coverage has categorized all real estate assets in a similar light, which, as usual, is not the whole story. The external influences mentioned above may not affect one real estate investment nearly as much as others; therefore, here at Aii and affiliates, we would like to share our view of the current market volatility, our outlook, and the effect on our portfolio:

Michael Chesser, Founder and President
Apartment Income Investors, Inc.
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