The Resilience of Class B Multifamily Housing

Los Angeles, California | February 21, 2019

During lunch recently, an investment banker friend asked, "How will our Class B Multifamily real estate investments hold up to the threat of higher interest rates and/or a pending recession?" The answer dramatizes the exceptional resilience of Class B multifamily housing:

All these factors contribute to mitigate risk in Class B multifamily. At Aii, we mitigate risk further through diverse strategies to generate alpha at the property level. We perform exhaustive research on the competitive advantages of each property, adhere to well-defined acquisition criteria and transform each property across multiple dimensions.

Michael Chesser, Founder and President
Apartment Income Investors, Inc.
Transforming Homes, Lives and Communities


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About Apartment Income Investors
Founded in 1994, Apartment Income Investors (Aii) has a proven track record of buying underperforming Class B multifamily and commercial properties and implementing renovation and repositioning strategies to improve operations and substantially increase the value of each property. This strategy has proven successful through several real estate cycles with above-average returns to investors. The company's goal is to transform homes, lives and communities while delivering superior investment returns.

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