Direct Investment

We create real estate investment opportunities for individuals and institutional investors

Aii partners with passive real estate investors seeking current income from rental operations and long-term appreciation to augment total returns. Our investors are generally accredited investors who desire diversification and spread their investment capital over several Aii projects. Partnering with Aii allows investors to enjoy competitive returns and tax benefits and gain a trusted resource in the industry.

For each offering, Aii forms a company to act as the owner and manager of the property, using our proprietary property management systems and processes to ensure high quality management and maintenance of our investment properties. With appreciation from inflation and improved operations, invested capital is expected to double in value in the long term, and to provide high yields in the short term.

Our commitment to our end-to-end investment process, including detailed analysis of current market trends, due diligence during the acquisition process, deploying best-of-class property management systems and protocols, and monitoring actual and forecasted key performance indicators to determine optimal timing to sell assets has resulted in strong returns for our investors over the years.