About Us

Who We Are

Apartment Income Investors ("Aii") is a privately-capitalized real estate investment and finance company that specializes in the acquisition and management of stabilized and value-added multifamily real estate. We seek out quality investment opportunities that balance return and security by identifying assets that offer the greatest reward in exchange for acceptable risk.

Aii adheres to a disciplined investment process in order to ensure constructive investment decisions and maximized investor returns. Transparent to our investors, and integral to our success, our process requires a unique blend of services, including current market trend analysis, due diligence, best practice property management systems and protocols, and informed exit strategies. For each offering, Aii forms a company to act as the owner and manager of the property, using our proprietary property management systems and processes to ensure high quality management and maintenance of our investment properties. With appreciation from inflation and improved operations, invested capital is expected to double in value in the long term, and to provide high yields in the short term.

We have managed a variety of partnerships that have acquired, renovated, and managed rentals properties, developed ground-up construction projects, and served as a business advisor to entrepreneurs in the real estate industry and beyond. The management team has over 100 years of combined industry experience and has been involved in over $1B in real estate transactions.

Aii was formed in 1994 by Michael Chesser, whose experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) uniquely qualifies Aii to identify, seize, and maintain profitable investment opportunities in the multifamily real estate domain. Applying a CPA approach to real estate investment ensures that the preservation of capital is a first priority, and that growth and return on investment are achieved only within acceptable risk parameters.